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Alaska purchase: U.S.-Russian Negotiations

Alaska purchase: Funding the Purchase

The Event: U.S. acquisition of the Alaska territory from the Russian Empire
Date: Treaty completed on July 27, 1868
Place: United States, Alaska
Significance: The United States purchased Alaska to boost American fishing and whaling industries, increase the nation’s control of commerce in the Pacific, and create a bridge to Asian markets.
The American entrepreneur Perry McDonough Collins had a vision as early as 1857 of expanding U.S. trade into Siberia, Manchuria, and northern China, foreseeing a million-dollar market for cotton manufactures alone. To this end, Collins promoted a telegraph line running from San Francisco up the Pacific coast and across the Bering Strait to the Amur River. In 1862, the United States agreed to pay for the line through Russian territory and receive in return a right of way in Russian America (the future Alaska). This grand scheme collapsed when the Russian Empire objected to paying rebates on messages transmitted to and from the United States.

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Further Reading

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Alaska purchase: Funding the Purchase

Alaska purchase: U.S.-Russian Negotiations

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